100% Fair Trade Cotton & Bamboo Clothing


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Designed to celebrate and flatter all body shapes, with integrity from pattern to garment. Sinerji garments are made using organic natural fibres, non-toxic dyes, and fair-trade partnerships.

All Sinerji production has been independently reviewed and endorsed by Fair traders of Australia (FToA), a peak body and regional network member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). FToA provides independent assurance that we follow the 10 principles of Fair Trade in our business practice from maker to consumer. The 10 Principles of fair trade are quite in-depth, we encourage you to learn more in our About us page. The 10 principles include, but are certainly not limited to ensuring equal pay for men and women, and a living wage.

Like a fine wine, our fabric gets better with age!

Organic Cotton & Woven Bamboo

Our Organic cotton is softer, stronger, and better for the environment & your skin.

Investing in pieces you love, that are made with respect for the planet and the people who make them, not only last longer (& are cheaper in the long run), but they feel amazing to wear. The love is transferred from seed, to fabric, to you 🌏🌿💦💜

Collection one's organic cotton is grown in non irrigated fields, Hand-loomed with love and care by our amazing team in Northern Thailand.

Collection two is GOTS organic certified cotton from a co-op of 2000 farms in India. Our bamboo as a crop is organic and production to fibre is closed loop. The final fabric is Oekotex Certified.

All printing inks are water based non toxic certified.

All stitching is completed in the areas where the fabric is produced to reduce our carbon miles.

All production is vegan.

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